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Client Site Sees +240% Lift in SEO Contribution to Web Content Starts, YoY

A lot happens to a website over the course of a year – particularly on…

FOX Sports' Super Bowl Page Earns 4K Keyword Rankings + 800 backlinks by "Sticking to the Basics"
FOX Sports’ Super Bowl Page Earns 4K Keyword Rankings + 800 backlinks by “Sticking to the Basics”

A strong SEO game doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s really all about nailing the…

How Fortress of Inca’s Product Pageviews Spiked by 23% in 19 Days [Case Study]

One of the best tools in a SEO’s tool kit is visitor recording software like Hotjar — able to uncover micro-friction points with website visitors so that you can fix them.


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Quick Fix: “Something Went Wrong With the Trace Over Your Page Load” Error on Google Lighthouse

Howdy SEOs. I wanted to share a quick fix I’ve found to get rid of the “?” Score in Google Lighthouse Performance metrics — specifically, the error reads: “Something went wrong with…

Top 10 Ways Lists Help Drive SEO Traffic to your Blog

I love lists. Who doesn’t love a good list? To do lists, grocery lists, listicles in blogs, LISTS of all kinds. Well, it seems Google loves lists too.

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8 Things Journalists & News Editors Need to Know About Editorial SEO (News SEO)

While it’s an SEO professional’s job to know how to optimize for search and a journalist / news editor’s job to understand how to write stories, both have the same end goal:…

What Is A Whale Curve Analysis?

What is a whale curve analysis? A whale curve analysis is a profit ranking report for a company. The profit shown is accumulated, from 0% to 100%, and naturally forms the shape…