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5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Women Who Work in Tech

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Women Who Work in Tech

gift ideas for women who work in tech

Check out five gift ideas for your favorite gals working in tech and other peeps with home offices in need of a little revamp.

1) A Chic Coffee Table Book

As a reaction to Covid-19, many business professionals have converted a section of their homes into a home office. Help your ‘woman in tech’ create an inspiring work space, with a chic coffee table book. Great for stacking on bookshelves or coffee tables!

Amazon has a lot of great picks, but these are some of my latest favorites at about a $100 price point:

2) Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can be a saving grace, especially for those with families all working and learning from home together. Give the gift of sweet silence this holiday so she can get WORK DONE :).

I’m partial to the Sony brand, but Bose and Beats are also great choices — ranging from $120-$270. Find them on Amazon below:

3) Coldbrew Coffee Maker

For folks who drink cold brew year-round, gifting a high-quality cold brew coffee maker will save your loved one’s time and money in the Starbucks line. I got one this past year, and it’s SO simple to use.

Check my top Amazon options below — #2 is also shoppable on Williams Sonoma… in case you need a bit more social proofing before making a cold brew coffee maker purchase. Expect to pay anywhere from $30-$80 for a nice one.

4) Standing Desk

While home furniture and decor companies like Pottery Barn have excellent desk options, they don’t have some of the more ergonomic accessories that make long work days more manageable — such as a standing desk converter.

Is it a romantic gift? On its face, no. However, if you assemble it for her in advance you’ll get some major bonus points!

I highly recommend investing in a two-tier standing desk converter over a single. It will provide more space for all of your tools — including your laptop, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

5) A Voice Assistant

Whether she works at a large corporation, or small business, or is a solopreneur, having a voice assistant like Google, Alexa, or Echo can be a great time saver for workin’ gals. They can answer what time it is, add items to your to-do list, catch you up on the news headlines for the day, and more.

I personally own Google Nest, which doubles function as a mesh Wifi (and also explains its steep $300 price tag). Other great options from Amazon include the Echo dot which comes in various styles and price tags ($60-$100 typically, but on sale now).

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