News Consumption Trends in 2020: What Looks Like & How to Your Content Discovered in Google News

To stay relevant to modern consumers, publications need to build and maintain strong online presences.

One of the best strategies for doing so is getting your content featured in Google News.

Supply & Demand for Apps in 2019 (And How to Get Started)

According to 2019 a research study outlined by Statista, an incredible 205.4 billion apps were downloaded worldwide in 2018. Up 27.3 billion from the previous year, experts predict this number to balloon to 258.2 billion by 2022. A

App Market Trends & What it Means for Marketers

The number of apps available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores have…

Why & How to Get your App Indexed by Google

It’s 2018, which means two things for business owners. One, you absolutely should have an app. And two, it absolutely should be indexed by Google. This blog post covers the “why” and “how” elements of getting your app indexed – by discussing the current competitive landscape of app indexing, the perks of indexing your app, and lastly, a three step guide for getting it accomplished.

Everything you Need to Know about the Google Medic Update

Last month, Google rolled out one of the largest search engine algorithm updates it’s ever done— leaving a trail of tumultuous website rankings in its path. Dubbed at onset as the “Google Medic Update” by SEO guru, Barry Schwartz, the update primarily affected organic rankings for health, fitness, and medical websites. As more information and research has emerged, however, SEOs have begun referring to it as the “Query Intent Update.”

10 Tips for Optimizing your News Publication + How to Get Featured in the ‘Google News’ Hub

Getting your news publication indexed in the “Google News” hub expands your site’s reach drastically to potential visitors.

Beginners Guide to ASO

INTRODUCTION Mobile has eclipsed desktop as the primary method of web search — with users…

How to Come up with a Killer App Idea: A Four Step Solution

Whether you’re a rookie iOS app developer that’s just learned XCode or a seasoned professional with multiple successful apps to your name, there is a common question that’s asked at the beginning stages of app development. “How did this get so messy so quick?”

Apple Search Ads and ASO: A Recipe for App Success

Apple research studies have found that an overwhelming 65% of all app downloads come directly from a search on the App Store. It makes sense, then, that maximizing your store visibility should be a top priority as an app marketer or developer. But when it comes to execution, should you focus your efforts on ASO or Search Ads? The answer is yes. (Focus on both!)

Revamp your App’s Push Notification Strategy in 2018

There are several ways app marketers can experiment with push notifications – ranging from the cadence and frequency, to audience segmentation and diction, to the offer or call to action presented. Deciding what element to optimize can be tricky – made easier by beginning your campaign with a clear business goal and hypothesis.

Push Notification Marketing: Six Winning Campaign Strategies for your App

Research studies cite that people spend as much as 5 hours a day a day on their smartphones, with an overwhelming 85% of this time within apps. More interesting still, is that a majority of this app usage is coming from a user’s particular five favorite apps.

How Geo-Targeted Content Can Help your E-commerce Business

Geo-targeting allows E-commerce businesses to deliver personally tailored content to visitors based on location. Doing so offers multiple benefits, including building deeper rapport with customers, encouraging more conversions, and boosting the site’s local SEO authority. Read on to learn how geo-targeted content can help E-commerce businesses succeed!