So You Started a YouTube Channel… Here’s How to Optimize It for Search

YouTube is a powerful platform for digital marketers. It allows companies to amplify their brand image and industry expertise in creative ways to a worldwide audience. In 2016, the video-sharing giant boasted more than one billion monthly active users consuming 46,000 years worth of content.

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5 Content Strategies For Musician Websites

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Google’s New, Live Coverage Carousels

Earlier this week Google rolled out the pilot of its long-awaited, Search Live Coverage Carousel.…

Practical A/B Test Statistics For Cleaner Data [Mozinar Recap]

For those who don’t have time for decoding metaphors, Aagaard means that you can’t try to cook your data too quickly, or else the data will be useless.

Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm

Day 1 of last week’s sold-out SMX Advanced conference featured a Q&A with Google spokesman, Gary Illyes.…