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Learn how to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience — and ranks in Google. Plus, tips on designing the layout of your website to make visitors happy. Keeps its Visitors Happy & Engaged, with a 404 Page Redesign [Case Study]

Average time on site and total page views are direct, positive SEO ranking factors. And…

How Retail Brands Can Repurpose Content to Maximize Results

Resources are tighter than ever and content production has been slashed.  As digital marketers, having…

FOX Sports’ Super Bowl Page Earns 4K Keyword Rankings + 800 backlinks by “Sticking to the Basics”

A strong SEO game doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s really all about nailing the…

What 5 SEO Experts Have to Say About the Future of Keyword Research

From steadfast belief in optimizing content for your target keywords, to hypothesizing a future where keyword research is obsolete, check out what 5 of the biggest SEO experts in the game have to say about the future of keyword research.

How Fortress of Inca’s Product Pageviews Spiked by 23% in 19 Days [Case Study]

One of the best tools in a SEO’s tool kit is visitor recording software like Hotjar — able to uncover micro-friction points with website visitors so that you can fix them.

Everything you Need to Know about the Google Medic Update

Last month, Google rolled out one of the largest search engine algorithm updates it’s ever done— leaving a trail of tumultuous website rankings in its path. Dubbed at onset as the “Google Medic Update” by SEO guru, Barry Schwartz, the update primarily affected organic rankings for health, fitness, and medical websites. As more information and research has emerged, however, SEOs have begun referring to it as the “Query Intent Update.”

10 Tips for Optimizing your News Publication + How to Get Featured in the ‘Google News’ Hub

Getting your news publication indexed in the “Google News” hub expands your site’s reach drastically to potential visitors.

How Geo-Targeted Content Can Help your E-commerce Business

Geo-targeting allows E-commerce businesses to deliver personally tailored content to visitors based on location. Doing so offers multiple benefits, including building deeper rapport with customers, encouraging more conversions, and boosting the site’s local SEO authority. Read on to learn how geo-targeted content can help E-commerce businesses succeed!

tips for optimizing musicians websites for seo

5 Content Strategies For Musician Websites

There’s no denying that social media is an integral part of any musician’s success. Facebook,…

Practical A/B Test Statistics For Cleaner Data [Mozinar Recap]

For those who don’t have time for decoding metaphors, Aagaard means that you can’t try to cook your data too quickly, or else the data will be useless.