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It’s Time to Level Up Your Zoom Game [Virtual Background Inspiration]

It’s Time to Level Up Your Zoom Game [Virtual Background Inspiration]

Shelter in place orders are likely to extend well into summer in LA county, and many companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Twitter to name a few) have already rolled out long-term/permanent remote work plans.

All to say — that for professionals working in big tech, it seems we’ll be stuck with zoom meetings for awhile. So why not have more fun with your backgrounds?

Clever, creative, and otherwise pretty, I’ve scoured the internet for six amazing zoom background themes. Perfect for your next work meeting, cyber coffee break, or OOO hang with your pals.

The Chic Office

Miss going into work every day? (No I’m not teasing!) For those that miss the atmosphere of a chic office with formal boardroom meetings, these zoom backgrounds are for you.

Download from Canva

Download from WeWork

The Hipster Coffee Shop

Miss coffee runs with your favorite co-workers? Simulate the experience with a hipster cafe background.

^ Download from Canva

^ Download from UnSplash

^ Download from Verve Coffee Roasters

Download from Elite Daily

The Upscale Loft

Dealing with a cramped studio or messy roommates? Escape (if only for an hour-long team meeting) to an upscale loft with the help of West Elm and House and Garden.

Download from West Elm West Elm

Download from House and Garden

Download from Curbed

Download from Curbed

The Astrology Sign

Does your horoscope predict a bright, colorful career? It may be talking about this. (Available for all signs).

Download from Canva

Download from Bustle

The Luxury Home

Impress your co-workers with your gorgeous luxury home… even if it was just downloaded from the internet.

See Also

Download from Elle Canada

Download from

The Iconic Cartoon Background

For those of us who’ve literally began considering their favorite cartoon characters as their “best friends” in quarantine. (These are especially popular with the FOX team.)

The Simpsons
Family Guy

Bob’s Burgers … Download all three of the above from FOX

Rick and Morty … Download from

The Memorial Day “Get Away”

Memorial Day weekend plans cancelled due to Covid? AirBnB and Canva created some gorgeous virtual backgrounds to make your OOO hangs with friends this weekend at least look adventurous.

Download from Elle Canada
A skylodge in Peru is high above the ground in the mountains, with windows all around so you can see the sunset.

Download from AirBnB

Download from VRBO

Download from VRBO

Have a fun/quirky Zoom background that you think I should add to the round up? Message me 🙂

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