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Top Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Netflix — Based on International, SEO Traffic Numbers

Being the SEO nerd that I am, the “top 10 trends list” also inspired me to take a look at what the most popular movies and TV shows are from a long-term, SEO perspective. I was also interested in globally popular shows — not just in the US. So, I pulled up one of my favorite SEO research tools Ahrefs, and I got to researching.

30 SEO Gurus to Start Following on Twitter [August 2020]

No long-winded introductions here. If you want to stay up to date on the latest…

NEW POST: SVOD Industry Sees Steady Growth. Here’s How to Leverage SEO to Stand Our from the Competition

The predicted increase in demand for Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) services over the next few years means increased opportunity for providers to capture the attention and the wallets of their target audiences.

Level Up Your Home Office, with These 15 Items

Three months into shelter-in-place orders in California, many big tech companies have implemented work-from-home policies…

Upgrade Your Home Office, with Wall Art From These 5, AFFORDABLE E-Stores

I’ve always had a long commute into the office — whether it was from the…

Day 60+ into Quarantine, It’s Time to Level Up Your Zoom Game[Virtual Background Inspiration]

Shelter in place orders are likely to extend well into summer in LA county, and…

Introduction to TEKKI

TEKKI is a digital marketing news & trends blog, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Practical SEO Tips for Optimizing Your ReactJS App

Using JavaScript to generate content on your website is not only an acceptable way of doing things in 2020, but also an increasingly popular one.

Setting the Record Straight: Roku’s Removal of FOX Apps Won’t Ruin Your Super Bowl

Football fans rejoice! Roku’s last minute removal of FOX apps won’t ruin your Super Bowl. Here’s what we know…

SparkToro: The Latest Brainchild of Rand Fishkin

What is SparkToro? SparkToro is the latest brainchild of renown SEO, Rand Fishkin and his…

Google Rolls Out Desktop Search Redesign

Do your Google search results suddenly look a bit off?

It’s not just you.

What 5 SEO Experts Have to Say About the Future of Keyword Research

From steadfast belief in optimizing content for your target keywords, to hypothesizing a future where keyword research is obsolete, check out what 5 of the biggest SEO experts in the game have to say about the future of keyword research.