Keeps its Visitors Happy & Engaged, with a 404 Page Redesign [Case Study]


Average time on site and total page views are direct, positive SEO ranking factors. And due to the very nature of a 404 page (the content a user has requested cannot be found) both of these metrics are put at risk any time a website visitor lands on said 404.

To keep SEO metrics up and keep users engaged with content, we ran an A/B test in April on the website’s 404 page — to see if a new page design could help lower exit rates/increase click through rates (CTR) to a new part of the site.

Continue reading to discover how we were able to lower exit rates and increase CTR from’s 404 page by 60% by revamping the page’s design.

Traffic Allocation:

All 404 page visitors (on desktop and mobile web) were involved in the experiment – with 1/3 of the traffic going to the control, 1/3 of the traffic going to variant 1, and 1/3 going to variant 2. Screenshots of the three pages included:

The Control:

This is what the 404 page looked like initially.

Featured Show Variant:

Featured top shows currently on FOX, to entice users to click onto one of the series detail pages.

Featured Genre Variant:

Featured top show genres, to encourage users to explore content from their favorite TV genre.

Results & Business Implications

At the end of the experiment, both variants significantly improved CTR on the 404 page. And so, we made the permanent change.

  • 42.7% lift in CTR from the Featured Shows version.
  • 60.3% lift in CTR from the Genres version.

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