Revamp your App’s Push Notification Strategy in 2018


There are several ways app marketers can experiment with push notifications – ranging from the cadence and frequency, to audience segmentation and diction, to the offer or call to action presented. Deciding what element to optimize can be tricky – made easier by beginning your campaign with a clear business goal and hypothesis.

The three basic types of push notification messages are transactional, promotional, and retention. Learn more about each message type below and where they work best. Plus, an example of a business goal and hypothesis that would support it!

Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are a catchall term for updating users on personal and/or useful information – such as a meeting reminder, an order shipment, or a breaking news story

Example: Media company

Business goal: Build deeper trust and loyalty with current users.

Hypothesis: Sending push notifications about breaking news stories as they happen will result in greater app trust and loyalty.

Promotional Messages

Promotional messaging announces company information – such as flash sales, product launches, or new app features.

Example: Retail company

Business goal: Generate more in-app revenue.

Hypothesis: Sending a push notifications that share flash sale discounts immediately when they begin will increase e-commerce conversions on the app, by creating a sense of urgency.

Retention Messages

Retention messages help a brand stay top-of-mind. If a user hasn’t opened an app within a specified period of time, a cleverly prosed ‘miss you’ message can help re-engage users.

Example: Gaming company

See Also

Business goal: Increase app opens and average time spent within the app.

Hypothesis: Sending a push notification to app users reminding them of what level they are on, and how close they are to reaching the next, will generate more app opens and time spent within the app.

What types of push notifications work best for your app, and what about it works so well? Message me and let me know!

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