Elizabeth has a rare ability to understand our business needs while finding clever opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. In addition to her expertise is SEO, Elizabeth provides perspective from the end-consumer’s point of view and offers suggestion to better our UX and how it can drive the bottom line.

Dave Gans, Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Klipsch


“Lizzie is an impressive digital marketer and colleague. She has lead the way in our department with App Store Optimization (ASO), driving results for our clients and teaching other team members the intricacies of ASO.

Lizzie is also a strong writer, having written many blog posts, guides, and LinkedIn Pulse articles on a huge variety of topics. She consistently shows impressive thought leadership and clearly takes the time to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Lizzie is also a great person to work with. She always comes into the office with a cheerful demeanor and positive attitude. Any team would be lucky to have her!”

Justin McKinney, Head of SEO at Wpromote


“Lizzie is a pleasure to work with! Hard-working, diligent, detail-oriented, and an all around joy to be around. She brings a positive attitude to the team each day, as well as a strategic, problem-solving mentality. Thanks for all that you do Lizzie!”

Ariel Kozicki, SEO Manager at Reformation


Working with Elizabeth was a joy in every way. Her eagerness to learn and stay on the cutting edge of digital was immediately apparent and remained throughout the several years we worked together. I got to see first-hand the way she applied that knowledge in creative ways to improve organic search for her clients. Like everyone who has worked with her, I can’t recommend her enough.

Tyler Emerson, SEO Content Strategist at Entertainment Weekly


Elizabeth reported directly to me at Wpromote. She’s an energizing presence to have around, is committed to staying up-to-date on industry best practices (a must in our field), and is passionate about educating others. However, what stood out about Lizzie was her knack for creative problem solving, fierce initiative, and independent mind.

Lizzie launched and led net new SEO and app-related services (e.g., auditing, reporting) and sold them to major national brands like TransUnion, introducing new revenue streams to Wpromote in the process–all on her own accord. No blueprint, just by digging in and figuring it out. Her work was successful, and new clients were referred in from there.

It’s 2020, where SEO goes far beyond keywords and URL structure to stand out in the SERPs. You have to be creative, a strong communicator, and wholly committed to getting things done. That’s Lizzie. She’s a great asset if you’re ready to grow in search.

Sara Durkin, Head of Search at The Action Network


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lizzie for a few years now during my career at two different companies. She is a great professional to work with and truly understands her field. We worked together at Wpromote and 310 Nutrition where she helped us with our overall SEO strategies.

One thing that I truly admired about Lizzie was her ability to really breakdown her strategies for all to easily digest. Not only is Lizzie a great SEO manager but guides everyone through the process of what she is implementing, ensure no one is left in the dark. I highly recommend Lizzie for any company that needs help with their SEO strategies to help grow their business.”

Angelo Lillo, Director of Paid Media at 310 Nutrition


“We have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for much of this year and can’t say enough nice things about her and her work. She has been instrumental in getting our brands up to speed on SEO and digital content planning, and we’ve seen really strong growth in organic site traffic since we began working with her. Along with her wealth of knowledge in her field, she’s also been wonderful to work with. It goes a long way when you actually enjoy working with someone, and she far exceeded any expectations we could’ve had.”

Evan Streusand, Founder of Fortress of Inca


“I’ve worked in the same peer group as Lizzie since we were bothfirst hired on at Wpromote. She has impressively built our company’s ASO deliverables from the ground up – acting as resident ASO expert as more of our clients sign on for services.Not to mention, a fun colleague!”

“Elizabeth did high quality work, completed it on time, and went above and beyond on the project. I highly recommend her.”

Greg Pautch, Senior SEO Manager at Wpromote


“I have worked under Lizzie for the last six months at Wpromote. Lizzie has displayed exceptional leadership and expertise in SEO. Lizzie led the onboarding of new Specialists and managed the SEO department’s workflow. Lizzie pioneered the first app audit deliverables and is the department lead on app audits. Aside from her clear accomplishments, Lizzie is a ball of energy who always has a smile on her face. She is absolutely amazing to work with.”

Amanda Schack, SEO Manager at Wpromote


“Lizzie is an outstanding SEO specialist who was instrumental in helping TPC Training leverage on-site SEO, off-site SEO and social media. She was a great asset to me as the client. She was knowledgeable, congenial and always helpful. I knew that I could trust her to always have our company’s best interest at heart.”

John Busselmaier, Marketing Analyst at TPC Training


“While at Wpromote, I worked closely with Lizzie on a difficult B2B account. I learned so much about client communication, negotiation, task management, strategy, and how to be resourceful. Lizzie has a knack for learning new industry trends and insights to share with clients and the department, often taking the initiative to do her own original research. I credit her for helping me understand the close relationship between content marketing and SEO, and I enjoy reading her contributions via industry articles and blogs. She’s truly a hard worker and a driven thought leader – something any company should value!”

Jenna Rich, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Mediakix


“Lizzie is a great SEO manager who genuinely cares for her clients and their success. Her enthusiastic and supportive attitude allow her to build strong rapport with her clients. One quality I admire most is Lizzie is constantly challenging herself to learn and grow. I enjoyed watching Lizzie grow in her role of SEO manager and broaden her expertise into areas like AMP and other digital marketing strategies.”

Ashley Boelter, Senior Marketing Manager at Classy.org


“Elizabeth was excellent to work with, made the project go really smoothly and helped me understand things from a different perspective which only improved the quality of the end result. Asks the right questions and works extremely fast. She was absolutely the SEO Rockstar that I needed!

Elizabeth was always ahead of schedule for all of her milestones. She was very communicative and was very good at collaborating to find the best solution to each issue as it came up. I am very happy to have found her and look forward to using her for more SEO work in the future!”

Michael Lyjak, CEO at Efficiency Marketing Agency


“Elizabeth did good and fast work. Will hire again!”

Charlie Johnson, Founder & CEO at Bionic Media


“Elizabeth was an absolute professional and a top talent at Lee Local. Her determination, hard work and attention to detail made her a consistent front runner. Her digital marketing knowledge was of extreme value to our team, and she did a fantastic job communicating this knowledge with her clients. She can also rock a great pair of stilettos!”

Kassidy Johnson, Member Relationship Manager at Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce