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Upgrade Your Home Office, with Wall Art From These 5, AFFORDABLE E-Stores

Upgrade Your Home Office, with Wall Art From These 5, AFFORDABLE E-Stores

I’ve always had a long commute into the office — whether it was from the western suburbs of Chicago into downtown, or West Hollywood to the South Bay in Los Angeles.

So when shelter in place orders started two months ago, I have to admit there was a part of me that was looking forward to the temporary short “commute” to my detached home office.

Plus, I could now justify some upgrades i’d been wanting for the space – including wall art to make it feel more productive and inspiring.

With so many e-stores and price points to shop from, I was overwhelmed at the start of my search for framed pieces wouldn’t break the bank. And I figured, there were likely other, “suddenly remote” workers wanting to make their home working spaces feel more their own. This post is for you.

Check out 5, affordable e-stores I’ve found that offer great (and AFFORDABLE) framed prints for your home office — all starting at under $50.


Home to bright pops of color and quirky concepts — Society6.

Artist: Amber Vittoria. Starting at $58.99 @ Society6
Artist: Avant Gogh. Starting at $42.99 @ Society6


Wish your home office looked like a page out of a West Elm catalog, minus the price tag? — Minted. (Literally, they’re available there too).

Artist: Diana K. Garrett. Starting at @ Minted
Artist: Rachel Rowe. Starting at $24.00 @ Minted


Boho meets modern art — Jungalow.

Artist: Karina Jambrak. Starting at $40 @Jungalow.
Artist: Maggie Stephenson. Starting at $40 @Jungalow

Urban Outfitters

I thought we left UO behind us in our late twenties too. But they have some seriously cool art prints for reasonable prices. — Urban Outfitters.

Artist: Vanessa Buchmann. Starting at $39.00 @ Urban Outfitters
Artist: Megan Galante. Starting at $19.00 @ Urban Outfitters.


Vintage, space, and photography lovers – 20×200.

Artist: Bill Anders. Starting at $35.00 @ 20×200.
Artist: Toni Frissell. Starting at $35.00 @ 20×200

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