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How Fortress of Inca’s Product Pageviews Spiked by 23% in 19 Days [Case Study]

How Fortress of Inca’s Product Pageviews Spiked by 23% in 19 Days [Case Study]

One of the best tools in a SEO’s tool kit is visitor recording software like Hotjar. Able to uncover friction points that real visitors are experiencing, you can be confident that the changes you make to your site will result in improved user experience (UX).

Such was the case with one of my fashion e-commerce clients. Read on to discover how I was able to increase product page views by 23% in two weeks with data uncovered from Hotjar visitor recordings.


Having never run visitor recordings for this client before, I thought it good hygiene to check for any UX weaknesses we (myself and the site owner) were taking for granted.

Friction Point: Color Preview Functionality

As it would turn out, there was one key friction point that showed itself over and over again in the data. Users that were visiting collection pages wanted the ability to preview products’ color options before clicking through to the product itself – a feature not yet available for the site.

Screenshot of recorded user visit below. Please note: the pink line indicates user click paths. Product name and price blocked out for client privacy).



Furthermore, 68% of all users’ exit pages were collection pages! Though working with a small sample size (Hotjar gives you 100 recordings for free), I knew we had to improve UX on the site’s collection pages in order to drive customers further down the sales funnel.


After reviewing the data, I recommended two changes to collection pages’ design. One, was create ‘click to preview color’ functionality on featured products. Two, was to showcase a lifestyle image when users hovered over a product.

Before: Only a white background image of the product in 1/4 color options.

After: Users can click on the color circles below each product to preview color options. Users can also more vividly picture what the product would look like on them with lifestyle imagery shown on hover.


To prove whether or not these changes aided in UX, I turned to Google Analytics data. The changes went live on September 20, 2019, and so I compared the 19 days prior to that (September 1-19) to the 19 days after that (September 21-October 9). And the results were incredible!

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Note: No other significant changes were made to the site/marketing strategies during this time.

Google Analytics data shows a 23% increase in product pageviews, and an 8% increase in collection pageviews after making these site changes. What is more, there was a 1.56% decrease in bounce rate, 5% improvement in exit rate, and 0.3% increase in page value of collection pages specifically.

Correlated to the improvements mentioned above (though less directly influenced) were significant e-commerce improvements. The screenshot below shows the same period over period data. Note: Numbers not included for client privacy.

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SEOs, what are some of your favorite UX testing tools? Site owners, what UX improvements have made big impacts on your bottom line?

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